Comp Plan update Chapter 3 – Housing

2nd look at Chapter 4 – Capital Facilities

Today’s Planning Commission meeting will involve a work session on Chapter 3 of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan, titled “Housing.”  This work session will be held Thursday, May 14, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. in the Northwest Annex Conference Room, 5280 Northwest Drive, Bellingham. We will re-visit this chapter on June 11 to consider edits and try to “put it to bed.” See the calendar, below. We will have a presentation from the consultant hired to create the housing market and needs analysis for this chapter.

We will also take our second look at Chapter 4 Capital Facilities to consider proposed edits. We have the edits from staff, originally presented last month, and from Commissioners. The main topic of discussion has been a change in the way Level of Service is defined for the jail and other correction facilities. Chief of Corrections, Wendy Jones, is scheduled to attend our meeting to answer questions.

Commission successfully slogs through Chapter 2

At our last meeting, April 23, we considered the Land Use chapter, minus the specific UGA descriptions. This is the biggest chapter with over 100 pages. The staff amendments were not discussed as no one had any concerns about them. We spent multiple hours considering amendments I had proposed. All I will say about it is that I now have a little better understanding of how some of my fellow commissioners think about planning issues. If you’ve got nothing better to do, you can listen to the whole thing HERE, starting at 1:55.

Vacancy, again, for District 3 Planning Commission

With the resignation of Commissioner Sam Taylor, who represents District 3, we have a vacancy on the Commission. District 3 is basically everything west of the Guide. No deadline has been set for applications, but act quickly. Here’s how to apply.

Handy calendar to keep track of the Comp Plan schedule

I’ve created a google calendar so I can keep track of topics and deadlines for submitting edits for various chapters. You can view it, too HERE. As I have said before, the adopted schedule is subject to change, because we don’t really know how long things will take. I will try to update this calendar as soon as I know of changes.

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