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Throughout the campaign season, Natalie will be out and about in the Coastal District meeting voters and learning what’s on their minds. Check out the calendar to the right for an event that fits your schedule.

If you’d like to host a neighborhood event so your friends and neighbors can meet Natalie, please fill out the form at “How you can help”.

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Running for public office is a leap of faith, that strangers will vote for you, that your friends and colleagues will care enough to give you a hand, that you have what it takes to power through the demands of a campaign. Whatever the outcome tonight, I am grateful for my campaign team, Ruth Higgins, Jim Hansen, Pam Borso, Atul Deshmane, and John Bosche. and my field organizer Sawyer Stone, for all their work, support, and ideas.

For the last week or so we've been making hundreds of phone calls a day to just raise the profile of this election and remind people to vote. If we get to talk about the candidate (me), that's a bonus. Real human to human interaction, or human to an answering machine. We lament the low turnout (I project it will be about 37%, which is not that bad for an off-year primary) but the reality is that except for the presidential race most voters will never talk to another person outside their house about a candidate on the ballot. I'm grateful to have taken the opportunity to talk issues with voters at their doors all over the district.

Tonight I'll be at Satpal Sidhu's party, at the Spice Hut, 131 W Kellogg Rd in Bellingham, (7:30-8:30) and then mosey over to the Main Street Bar & Grill in Ferndale where some of the Ferndale city candidates will be gathering. I'd love to have you join me. There will be only one ballot tally announcement election night, about 8:15 or so.

Thanks for all your support,

P.S. People ask me how I think the race is going, meaning do I know how many votes I will get. I have no idea. I'll be the most surprised person in the room tonight.

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Generally half the voters mark their ballots on the last weekend, with the other half voting earlier. I predicted about a 37% turnout for the Primary, and as of last Friday, we had about 18% of ballots returned. Double that for the last weekend voters, and it's just about hit the target. This turnout may seem low, but it's historically on the high end for local primaries. In 2011, with an open Co Executive seat contested by Louws, Ericksen, and an open contested Bham Mayor race, we had 37%. Other years in the 22-25% range. ...

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Here's the League of Women Voters Primary Forum for County Council District 5.40th Legislative District Senator Whatcom County Council At Large Whatcom County Council District 4 Whatcom County Council District 5 Whatcom County Executiv... ...

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