Scaled down Special Events code considered

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on amendments to Whatcom County Zoning Code regarding Weddings, Receptions and Special Events, at it’s next meeting, Thursday, August 14, 6:30 pm at the County Annex, NW & Smith Roads. At its last meeting the PC help a work session, learning about the staff proposal and giving some input on it. Most PC members were concerned that the preliminary proposal was much too restrictive and unworkable. That proposal was re-worked and will be considered August 14th.  The agenda materials are HERE.

Are zoning laws really just suggestions? County approves new code enforcer

In my last post, I asked the above question, after the PC dealt with a zoning violation that was being “solved” by changing the zoning to make the violation legal. The good news is that the Planning Director, County Executive Louws, and the County Council seem to get it, and the Council approved additional money to hire a additional code enforcer through the end of the year. Here’s the background from a Herald article.  The County Council on August 5th approved the request.

Watershed Improvement District formation moves ahead

Farmers and landowners in the Drayton, Laurel, South Lynden, and Sumas watersheds have submitted petitions to the County Council to form Watershed Improvement Districts, with independent taxing authority, to help farmers stabilize their water availability under existing restraints and competing rights. A public hearing will be held on each district petition before the County Council, probably on Sept. 16th. Check the agenda closer to the date. Here’s more info from the Herald article.

Map of county’s public land

I love maps, so this is really fun for me. The Washington State Recreation and Conservation office has put a comprehensive public lands map on-line for us to explore HERE.

Next County Council meeting September 16

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