Council begins Comp Plan review with big hearing

The Planning Commission finished up its work on the Comprehensive Plan update at it’s last meeting, and sent it on the County Council. To kick off their review, the Council held a public hearing last Tuesday. Both the anti-coal port and pro-port groups hyped the hearing and it was standing room only. As I mentioned in my last message the Lummi Nation Planning Department has submitted language to amend the Cherry Point UGA to exclude development for coal and oil export facilities. Here are their submitted comments. I’m pretty sure a lot of people on both sides of the issue don’t understand that the Comp Plan, whatever it says about coal exports, will not effect the pending permit application for the Gateway Pacific Terminal. As soon as the permit application was submitted, the law froze in place, and only the law at that time will apply to that project, if it actually gets approved.

It will be interesting to see if the Council chooses to even talk about the Lummi amendments. The proposals must be taken up by a council member to be considered at all. Otherwise they are just public comments like everyone else’s. Before the last PC meeting I asked legal counsel if voting on such an issue would have any implications for the pending GPT application, and was told that it might give the appearance of pre-judgement by the Council about coal export facilities at Cherry Point. The Lummi amendments are not general. They are specific to the Cherry Point UGA. Continue reading

Planning Commish almost done with Comp Plan Update

One last meeting on the Comp Plan before sending it off to the County Council, Thursday, January 14

We held the official public hearing on the entire Comprehensive Plan last month, but decided to give ourselves, and others, a little more time to consider it before putting it to bed. At our meeting tomorrow we will consider any other amendments anywhere in the document, and hopefully recommend the update to the County Council. The Council will have until June to review, amend, adopt the plan. We are actually on schedule!
Work session and Final Recommendation on the Comprehensive Plan update
Thursday January 14, 6:30 pm
County Council Chambers, 311 Grand Ave, Bellingham

Here are the final amended versions of each chapter.  Also, the Final EIS for the Comp Plan update is now available, HERE.

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